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Do you have a specific request? Do not hesitate to contact us and our logistics specialists will advise you.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

No, we only provide transportation of goods.
Yes, we also provide transport for individuals.
Yes, this is usually the case when the speed of delivery is the most important or the customer is afraid to entrust goods to courier services.
Yes, we can provide truck with taillift to facilitate the loading / unloading of goods.
Yes, we can ensure you also transport of your personal property or moving.
Yes of course, we will be happy if a reliable carrier joins us.
Yes, we will be happy to advise, help and answer your questions.
To price shipping we need to know from where and where you need to transport the shipment, dimensions and weight of goods.
The price for transport depends on several factors, especially on the size of the shipment, the country where you need to transport the shipment and the time - how fast you need to have the goods delivered.
After unloading the goods, we will send you the unloading documents together with an invoice with a pre-agreed due date.
In many cases it is a few hours before transport enough time for us, ideally 1 to 2 days before road transport. In the case of air, sea or oversized transport, we recommend to order transport earlier.
Yes, each shipment is insured with standard CMR insurance up to 8.33 XDR per 1 kg shipment.

XDR - is a special currency whose current exchange rate is 0.8385 XDR for 1, - EUR and you can watch it on the NBS website, or

If the value of the goods is higher than standard insurance, it is possible to insure the shipment.
At fill in the details of the shipment and your contact information and we will contact you with a price offer and delivery options as soon as possible.