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Profile of Logway Ltd. company

Our company was born of love for transportation.For more than ten years, we have been happy to take care of transport and logistics of our customers. Our clients are an inspiration and motivation for us. Our target is to achieve still better results and help them save their time and transport costs. Every year, the number of customers who stay with us in long-term cooperation grows, so we think, that we are really doing a good job.We deliver every shipment reliably and by the fastest means possible to the desired destination – critical spare parts, large machines, higly urgent documents, unique prototypes or sensisitive specimens.We always stand by our customer. We develop customized logistics solutions that are tailored to your specific needs – around the clock and 7 days a week. We are his support in transport. We take it personally.

Our objectives

Key objectiv of our company is to do everything for our customers in the way, that our customers do not have to think about logistics and transportation, we do it instead of them.

Our vision

Our vision is to take care of all logistical and transport requirements of our customers, so they can devote their time to their business.

Pavol Strapko & Juraj Plecho

Our team

We are the founders of the company. For more than 12 years, we have been taking it personally, we still enjoy it and we care about every single reliably transported shipment.

Pavol Strapko

logistics specialist

Juraj Plecho

logistics specialist
Long-term stable logistics partner for your business.

Company history

We established LOGWAY Ltd. in 2011. We wanted to bring to our customers better solutions and services in the area of goods transport and simplify their work. For more than ten years, we have been happy every time, when we take care of transport and logistics for our customers.

Too often, many customers pay for the volatility of the transport market. So we decided to help them. Our size is our advantage, so volatility is no problem for us! We develop customized logistics solutions that are tailored to specific needs of each customer especially for his requirements, and in a very short time we are able to respond agilely to a possible increase or decrease in the goods produced.

Our enthusiasm for transportation is growing every year and we are glad that the number of our satisfied customers is also growing!

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