Road freight transport

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Do you have a specific request? Do not hesitate to contact us and our logistics specialists will advise you.

Flexible road transport

This type of transport is the most common in Slovakia due to its location. This is the most efficient type of transport with regard to the speed of transport, the ability to adjust the route of the goods even after loading, the price and real-time monitoring.

Vehicles for transport

We approach each shipment separately and we choose the most optimal solution according to the specific requirements of our client. Whether it is a requirement to transport goods with an ADR specification or oversized cargo, standard goods or food. Thanks to our many years of experience, we always choose the highest quality carrier from our portfolio in order to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Nákladná cestná doprava a kamiónová preprava - Dodávka

Box-van truck or Pickup truck

The most used vehicles for express transport with a loading area of 1-8 standardized Euro pallets and a load capacity of up to 1500 kg.

Nákladná cestná doprava a kamiónová preprava - Plachtová dodávka

Tarpaulin truck

Its biggest advantage is the speed and larger volume - up to 10 euro pallet spaces compared to the box-van truck with a load capacity of up to 1500Kg.

Nákladná cestná doprava a kamiónová preprava - Ťahač s návesom

Tautliner 13.60 Ldm

The largest volume of transport is realized by tractors with a load capacity of up to 24 tons and space for 34 pallets, which is their biggest advantage.


Truck set

It is the largest transport vehicle in terms of capacity, it can load up to 38 pallets with 24 tons of cargo.

Frequently asked Questions

Just as we choose shoes according to the terrain we want to go, in the same way we will choose the best vehicle for you with regard to all aspects of transport. If you are not absolutely sure about which vehicle you require, our specialists will advise you. The solution is often hidden in the details.
Loading of goods by drivers is strictly forbidden! The loading is entirely under the direction of your warehouseman or competent person. If it is necessary, small goods that cannot be damaged by manual loading can be handled with the help of the driver upon agreement - however, these are very rare cases that must be communicated in advance.
Each carrier is required to have valid CMR insurance, according to the internationally valid CMR Convention.

CMR insurance is about 10 EUR per 1 kg shipment, so when transporting a lighter pallet with a high value CMR insurance does not cover everything and therefore in the event of a loss event is not entitled to compensation in full. We recommend additional insurance for goods with high value, risk of damage, theft, etc.